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Neuroscience Predicts That Mayweather Will Beat McGregor

It’d be only another boxing game, albeit a substantial one, but that McGregor isn’t a fighter. But scientific proof from the neuroscience of experience, an emerging area exploring the mind function of specialists, warns against gambling on an MMA fighter one as proficient as McGregor disturbing a boxer in a boxing game. The Neuroscience Of […]

The Reason Why Boxing And MMA Should Be Banned

The 23-year-old fell 90 minutes after finishing a featherweight bout in Toowoomba on March 14 and didn’t recover consciousness until his life-support was switched off Monday. Boxing Queensland president Ann Tindall reacted by stating that the game isn’t any more hazardous compared to other contact sports. Boxing is harmful. Boxers face a substantial risk of […]

Because Of Extreme Dieting, Cage Fighting Has Become More Dangerous

If it has to do with an athlete’s fat, a few grams can make a very important difference to their odds of winning. But athletes in those sports often attempt to compete at a weight class lower than that of the standard body mass to provide them an edge over people that are naturally younger. […]